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The following information is available for your convenience...
Samja Topgun Entry form
AGM Documentation and Minutes.
SAMJA 2014 AGM Financial Report
SAMJA 2015 AGM Chairman's Report
Competition Information
2014 F4J Flight Score Sheet.
2014 Static Score Sheet.
Accomodation For the SAMJA TOPGUN Henly event
Score sheet - aerobatics
Score sheet - F4J
Score sheet - sport jet
General Information
Jet Proficiency - The Final Story
Proficiency application
Samja Committee 2018
SAMJA Vlamgat Proficiency Judges
Team Selection Procedure for JWM 2019
IJMC Information
IJMC Rules
Mambership Application Procedure
Membership Application Procedure
Samja Administration
2016/2017 Financials
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